Month: November 2012

Adding InfoPath Promoted Properties to Search Results in SharePoint 2010

There are times when the SharePoint crawled properties will be littered with so many items that it would end up being impossible to find the right column to include in your search results.

This is what happened recently when I was trying to identify one of the Promoted Properties from an InfoPath Form. Here is a handy way to identify the column id that is generated by SharePoint and map that to crawled properties.

Step 1: Navigate to SharePoint Document Library or List that has the column you are trying to identify.

Step 2: Click on the Content Type. This should open the List Content Type Information page.


Step 3: Start IE Developer Tools (F12) and select the “select tool” (This is the first icon in the toolbar). Click on the text of the property that you want to identify.


The GUID just after the “id_” prefix is the actual ID that is created and used by SharePoint. This GUID can be used to identify the crawled property.

Step 4: Navigate to the Metadata Properties page in Central Administration website and click on Crawled Properties.


Step 5: Search for the crawled property and map to an existing or new Metadata property.


If you choose, you can use this in your Search Results page or use Keyword Query to programmatically access the text that is crawled.

Hello World – once again

After neglecting this blog for a very *very* long time, I think it is time to get back with a new blogging platform.

This blog is now hosted on Microsoft Windows Azure and WordPress.