Month: December 2012

Audiobooks December 2012

The month of December was all about Star Trek. I was very interested in William Shatners books after hearing a lot of good reviews on This Week In Tech podcast. I finally got around to listening them this month. Star Trek “The Original Series” bring backs a lot of memories as this was the first Sci-Fi show I watched as a kid. There is something different about this Gene Roddenberry creation.

Up-Till-Now-291533Star Trek Memories Shatner

Up Till Now: The Autobiography

In this book Shatner discusses several aspects of his life including his childhood, early career struggles, time starring on Star Trek, his career after Star Trek and his marriages. Once again, this book has great reviews 4+ on and is narrated brilliantly. If you have been a fan of William Shatner, this book will not disappoint.

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Star Trek Memories

Star Trek Memories is a William Shatner’s own behind-the-scene look at the legendary ‘60s television series. This book has a good insider view in the making of the series and the part that I loved the most was the references he has to specific episodes. It was fun going back and watching the episodes he discussed. Avid Trekkers are sure to be delighted with this first hand account from Captain Kirk Himself.

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Audiobooks November 2012

I have listened to a lot of audiobooks during my commute to work or while doing household chores. This will be a new series of blog posts that will catalogue the audiobooks I have listened to during the month with a short description and link to the reviews. This is by no means a review of the contents of the audiobook.

No Easy Day Audiobook CoverKilling Lincoln Audiobook Cover

No Easy Day: The Firsthand Account of the Mission That Killed Osama Bin Laden

This book is a military memoir of “Mark Owen”, a pseudonymous former member of the US SEAL Team 6. This team was involved in the operation that killed Osama Bin Laden. This book had great reviews on Audible and I think those reviews are spot on. This book was very engaging and you get a good feel about the lives of SEAL team members.

I would recommended everyone to either read or listen to this book as the unfortunate even of 911 is a part of our generation.

Killing Lincoln

A riveting historical narrative of the heart-stopping events surrounding the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, and the first work of history from mega best-selling author Bill O’Rielly. This book has top reviews on Audible and they are accurate. I found the initial chapters of this book a little dull, but that may just be because I didn’t have a lot of background knowledge about the cold war and what general reference to the key characters that ended the war. Following this book, I am now looking for books that can help me know more about the war and Lincoln as a leader.

If you like the History genre, or just would like to know more about the assassination this great man, I think this book will not disappoint. As always you can either read it or listen to it.

User selection screen on resume from standby

Microsoft Windows displays the lock screen when it resumes from standby. Apparently this is a design feature that enables users to just unlock their computer to get back to their desktops. But in a home environment where multiple users user the same computer, it can turn out to be a hassle and a “user training” issue when you have to teach your spouse to click on the “Switch User” link in order for her to get back into her account.

Turns out that since Windows 7, you can create a task it is possible to configure windows to display the Fast User Switching screen when coming out of standby.

Let’s start by creating a new Task in Task Scheduler (don’t create a Basic Task):

New Task

Enter basic details like the name of the Task. I recommend that you select the “Run with highest privileges” option in this screen.

Next, click on the Trigger tab and click the New button to define a new trigger for this task:

New Trigger

Next, update the options as show in the screen shot below:

Trigger Details

Move on to the Actions tab. We can now define what happens when the computer resumes from standby:

New Action

Next, update the options as shown in the screenshot below:


Explore other options and update as required.

Save the task and verify it runs properly.