Audiobooks December 2012

The month of December was all about Star Trek. I was very interested in William Shatners books after hearing a lot of good reviews on This Week In Tech podcast. I finally got around to listening them this month. Star Trek “The Original Series” bring backs a lot of memories as this was the first Sci-Fi show I watched as a kid. There is something different about this Gene Roddenberry creation.

Up-Till-Now-291533Star Trek Memories Shatner

Up Till Now: The Autobiography

In this book Shatner discusses several aspects of his life including his childhood, early career struggles, time starring on Star Trek, his career after Star Trek and his marriages. Once again, this book has great reviews 4+ on and is narrated brilliantly. If you have been a fan of William Shatner, this book will not disappoint.

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Star Trek Memories

Star Trek Memories is a William Shatner’s own behind-the-scene look at the legendary ‘60s television series. This book has a good insider view in the making of the series and the part that I loved the most was the references he has to specific episodes. It was fun going back and watching the episodes he discussed. Avid Trekkers are sure to be delighted with this first hand account from Captain Kirk Himself.

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