User selection screen on resume from standby

Microsoft Windows displays the lock screen when it resumes from standby. Apparently this is a design feature that enables users to just unlock their computer to get back to their desktops. But in a home environment where multiple users user the same computer, it can turn out to be a hassle and a “user training” issue when you have to teach your spouse to click on the “Switch User” link in order for her to get back into her account.

Turns out that since Windows 7, you can create a task it is possible to configure windows to display the Fast User Switching screen when coming out of standby.

Let’s start by creating a new Task in Task Scheduler (don’t create a Basic Task):

New Task

Enter basic details like the name of the Task. I recommend that you select the “Run with highest privileges” option in this screen.

Next, click on the Trigger tab and click the New button to define a new trigger for this task:

New Trigger

Next, update the options as show in the screen shot below:

Trigger Details

Move on to the Actions tab. We can now define what happens when the computer resumes from standby:

New Action

Next, update the options as shown in the screenshot below:


Explore other options and update as required.

Save the task and verify it runs properly.