Hello World – once again

After neglecting this blog for a very *very* long time, I think it is time to get back with a new blogging platform.

This blog is now hosted on Microsoft Windows Azure and WordPress.

Welcome to my Blog

I have finally decided to take a plunge in the world of blogging.  My Blog Statement?

Let’s see –


This is my web blog. My perspective, my views, my rant. A lot of posts on this blog will relate to stuff in .NET development that you don’t encounter everyday. A reminder for us developers. Helping a developer one at a time.


I work in the development space of Microsoft. I have passion for technology and believe that we should outsource a lot of stuff we do to computers. I will create / update an About Me page in coming days.

I encourage you to share your comments and thoughts.

Let’s Begin …

About Me

Manoj Nagpal Hi, my name is Manoj Nagpal. I am a software developer. I live in Melbourne with my wife and a lot of Samsung Panels (connected to processors of course!).
My introduction to computers started with an Intel 80286 PC running MS DOS 3.3, the first day I turned on a computer – I had no clue about the OS or the commands. I was overwhelmed when I discovered that pressing “DEL” key displays a screen full of words (BIOS of course). This was the first thing I “found” on the computer.

Since then I thrive on “finding things”. In late 90’s I continued on to programming with COBOL, C++, Visual C++ (Win 32 programming with MCF) and Java. After completing my Masters in Information Technology at RMIT University, I now comfortably develop software in VB.NET and C#.

Technology I use

Computers and everything that comes with it has been a ver integral part of my life.
I spend much of my free time keeping up with the latest technology trends and devices (to an extent my budget permits me!) More on that later …